Michele A Friedman FELT jewelry. Handmade in Chicago, IL USA 


Artist Intersection

It has been quite a year. Everything is upside down. My shows have all been canceled or postponed, only to ultimately be canceled. As a result my peers and I are have to rethink and reorganize our micro businesses. Pivot is the word. In the world of art fairs, craft shows and knitting conventions, where human interaction is crucial in selling my jewelry I am suddenly adapting to the current normal and shifting my business online. That is not so easy for this iPhone and social media loving but tech challenged Gen-X'er. Long story short, I have been super busy with a handful of projects. Key among them is Artist Intersection, where artists and collectors meet. It is not just a virtual art fair, but more of a lifestyle, a magazine and a marketplace. The launch is taking place on June 12, 2020. I hope you will check out the website and follow Artist Intersection on social media. http://www.ArtistIntersection.com.